How to avoid shiny object syndrome

Among my biggest struggles as an entrepreneur has been overcoming shiny object syndrome. Shiny object syndrome is when you think you should be doing something since everybody else in your space seems to be doing it.

Here’s how shiny object syndrome manifests in your business:

Your attention and focus is divided among too many different projects at the same time (ex. creating classes, developing bundles, client work, and so on). You find yourself testing and tweaking a lot of tech tools that do not require to be checked and fine-tuned. You’re taking every marketing class you can find at the present time. You have a bunch of incomplete jobs sitting on your desktop. Absolutely nothing is ever released. Shiny object syndrome results in an absence of focus and an absence of work. Due to the fact that, at the end of the day, it’s directing and focusing our attention and energy that causes problems. Here are some ways to mitigate shiny object syndrome in your business:

Concentrate on the path of least resistance.

I often tell trainees and customers to focus on the path of least resistance. This means they need to mindfully pick the important things that trigger the least amount of stress. If you’re suffering from shiny object syndrome, you’re likely worried all the time due to the fact that you are continuously getting offers. The primary way I tend to focus on the path of least resistance is to just focus on what will make me money. I realize that’s not a huge motivator for everybody, but at the end of the day, food costs money. Living also costs something.

Find a coach to keep you in check.

I frequently tell the story of how one of my mentors checked me for having shiny object syndrome. She called me out for not having the ability to concentrate on just one thing. Unfortunately, it’s super easy to fall victim to shiny object syndrome due to the fact that our brains produce things so easily. Often we require mentors to inform us when we have actually gone off the deep end with our own imagination. I do this for my own students too. I recently told a student she must eliminate all her side hustles so she can just focus on her business. I informed another one to ruthlessly begin saying no to projects that eliminate his time and energy. I have actually taken a ton of courses over the years. Heck, I even offer courses myself for individuals wishing to learn how to run an online company. Nevertheless, I’m the very first to tell you that at some point, you need to put yourself on a course hiatus and concentrate on implementing what you have learned. It’s one thing to intellectualize, it’s another thing to take action. Once you do that, then it’s a matter of questioning whether you really require something the next time shiny object syndrome raises its ugly head. Ask yourself, do I actually need to buy a 15th course this year?

Last Ideas

Shiny object syndrome as a business owner sucks your energy and wears you out. It’s also probably among the biggest reasons you aren’t seeing as much money as you’d like.

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1 thought on “How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome”

  1. Thank you for getting me on track. I hit on all the areas you talk about. It is very draining. I always wonder how do people get through these courses and when am I going to start making money. I know another reason why I have “shiny object syndrome”, I keep thinking technology is getting better, the more the gurus get into their businesses they are learning more and they are passing it on. Maybe this course is better because all the pieces of the puzzle are here. Obviously, scammers, gurus, marketers etc. hit on Noobies. We as noobies keep trying knowing we can do this if only someone would really tell us from start to finish, how this product will make us money. Then I guess if they did that, who would buy the 100th product about one business. Anyway Eric, again thank you for taking the time to help.

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